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About This Course

The ongoing technological changes and the current pandemic has shifted the academic community to engage with students through online spaces and develop innovative teaching-learning methods. This shift has come with its own set of issues and challenges. There is now a revived focus on developing pedagogies which are both engaging, inclusive and cater to the needs of 21st century life-long learner. Effective teaching strategies need to be devised and implemented that take care of multiple learning styles to benefit the student fraternity.

This Online Faculty Development Programme is diligently planned around developing the foundational knowledge needed to train the teachers to address the rapidly changing educational needs and devise ways to make their teaching more learner-centric. The participants will be acquainted with teaching-learning methods which facilitate independent, critical and creative thinking among the students. For this, the traditional set-up of a classroom needs to be deconstructed and redesigned to help students adjust to the present-day requirements of multi-dimensionality. Innovative approaches, both for teaching and evaluation, should be adopted in addition to imparting immense value to the skill development and understanding of the ever-changing dynamics between the local and the global. However, this need of the hour to create skilled and professionally competent human resources can only be accomplished through equipping a teacher with the role that will enable students to develop their critical and analytical skills. These skills will further empower them to question and know.

Education 4.0 not only focuses on 'what is taught' but also gives equal importance to 'the way it is taught' — it is an education model which is aligned with future trends, in the effort to develop and enhance individual education that will eventually define how the future generations will work and live. The programme intends to explore the different models of learning and dive into key issues that impact students, teachers, and institutions of Higher Education. Specifically, the FDP plan to look at these issues by integrating the conceptual backgrounds and different schools of pedagogical development with the technological applications used for building an interactive and effective learning curriculum.