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About This Course

Research is a form of systematic enquiry to delve deeper into a subject and produce socially relevant results in different forms like a product, research paper, patent or thesis. The technological developments in the education sector alongwith the need to build an interdisciplinary approach has overhauled the conventional ways of doing research with ICT based methods. There is a shifting need for the academic community to adapt ICT integrated skills and techniques for more effective knowledge creation and dissemination. One way of doing this is by adopting new practices of building one's research. Systematic Literature Review is one of the prominent methods in the different stages of research and learning in this direction. This has gained prominent importance in recent times for their standardized techniques to enhance research development and learn new skills. Their concrete methods of reviewing by specifying the rationale, hypothesis and methods of data collection has expanded the nature and extent of research. Built on the premise of reducing bias and examine conflicting findings, they serve as a bridge to collaborate amongst the academic community. Systematic Literature Review and Meta - Analysis create the opportunity for sharing the ideas and knowledge and also helps improve lifelong learning skills by facilitating the integration of group of studies across disciplines.

With this programme, the participants will be able to explore the usage of online tools for learning, researching and professional development and also build their capability to plan, design and implement the research that are in tune with international standards. This will help them to manage their findings and also in extending effective support to fellow academicians in terms of improved learning and communication. In addition to this, the FDP would also provide analytics to improve learning. On a larger scale, it can also help in improving cross cultural relationships which leads to collaboration between institution, educators and learners locally and internationally.


* Introduction to Systematic Literature Papers

* Development of deeper understanding of the dynamics of research philosophy and design and the underlying technology and proficiency Understanding the various types of effects size

* Developing an understanding about the Heterogenous and Fixed Random Model Assumptions in Meta - Analysis

* Understanding Sub - group Analysis and Meta - Regression for Moderator Analysis

* Publishing Papers based on Systematic Literature Review and Meta - Analysis


After successful completion of the online Faculty Development Programme, the participants will be able to:

* Comprehend the research process and underlying design principles

* Gain better understanding on how to identify a research problem and design a valid research project to answer specific research questions

* Get hands-on training in the usage of several open source tools that can assist them in their research endeavors

* Effectively analyze and present their data and research outcomes

* Write effective research papers and thesis in the journal designated formats using online tools

* Gain awareness on the concept of originality of research

* Know the process of finding good quality journals for research and publishing

* Establish collaborations with the research community Improve their quality of research