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Psychological Skills for Teaching

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About This Course

This is a Three Day Short Term Program offered by TLC, Ramanujan College, University of Delhi. This course is a self-paced program designed and developed by experts to allow users to access the course contents at their own speed and convenience. In this course, learners will gain understanding of Qualities of Emotionally Intelligent Teacher on Day 1 followed by Role of Active Listening, Empathy and Non-Judgement on Day 2 and Day 3. The course will asssess learners knowlege about the topics covered by quiz/assignments. Certificates will be available for download within 15-30 days after the completion of the course. To download the certificates, participants will have to visit This 3 day Short Term Course has been designed with a sincere thought of providing a comprehensive view so as to be well-equipped with relevant knowledge and skill set. There are four designed modules. One of the modules includes imparting knowledge of some of the social science research methods, data analysis techniques and its applications in interdisciplinary domains. In today’s stressful and competitive environment, it is also required for a teacher to have basic skills of counseling to help themselves as well as the students going through any academic or behavioral issues. This is the impetus for the counseling skill module. Next, in focus are the different kinds of pedagogical methods and assessment strategies that are to be used for an effective teaching learning process. As it is recommended by a number of research studies, that success in any profession is dependent on management of one’s emotions, Emotional Intelligence skill is discussed in the context of classroom teaching. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN Teacher as a Counsellor Role of Empathy, Active Listening & Non-Judgment Attitude Teaching Pedagogies and use of technology for Higher Education Active Learning Classroom Strategies and Peer Learning Objective evaluation, assessments and Grading Building Emotional Competence Qualities of emotionally intelligent teacher Social or interpersonal skills