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We encourage you to kindly sift through the following FAQs below for general information and commonly raised problems/doubts.

Registration and Enrollment

After successful registration and payment for the Faculty Development Programme/Faculty Induction Programme/Refresher Course, follow the steps mentioned below to access the contents of the programme:
  • Click on to enroll in the course.
  • Click on the “Register.” The option is available on the top right corner of the website.
    After clicking on Register, a window pane will appear. Fill in all your credentials (email address, name, password and username) carefully. Please note down them or save them for future reference. In the email address section, write the same email id as provided in google form used for registration and the one that you access routinely. Make sure all the spellings are correct.
  • Once you register, you will receive an email from us at your registered email address. Kindly click on the activation link provided in the mail. Please check your spam mail, if you do not find the activation link in your inbox.
  • After this, go back to and click on Sign In. Fill in your username and password. You will be able to log in into your course portal.
  • After logging in, you will see the option of Explore Courses . Click on that and you will be directed to the link for our FDP.
  • Click on Enroll Now.
  • You can now access the course contents.


    If there is any problem during registration, please write a mail to furnishing the following details:

    Name, Registered Email Address (filled in Form mentioned in brochure), Screenshot of the error encountered while registering and a brief description of the problem.

If you have entered the correct email id, then please wait for sometime. Alternatively, check your Spam folder.

Once you have enrolled for the course, then you can access the course contents at any time by visiting and clicking on Sign In. Once you sign in, you will be directed to your course portal.

If you are unable to sign in, the primary reason is that you are using either wrong email id or password. Kindly make sure you use the same email id and password throughout the programme. If you have forgotten your password,, then please DO NOT make more than 3 attempts . Otherwise your account will be locked. Also, please DO NOT try enrolling again by registering with a different email address as the enrollments would have been closed and we will not be accountable for any loss of your course progress.

If the problem still persists, please write a mail to furnishing the following details:

Name, Registered Email Address, Screenshot of the error encountered while signing in and a brief description of the problem.

You must have tried to log in multiple times with the wrong password. Hence, your account has been blocked. Please wait for 4- 5 hours and then try again.

If you have already signed in and the above message appears, then you have not clicked on “Enroll Course”. Please make sure you click on “Enroll Course”; otherwise you won’t be able to see our course contents.

Programme Schedule and Course Content

You will be updated about the schedule of the Programme through the official Telegram group of the Programme. No individual mails will be sent in this regard.

The course can be accessed at Use the steps mentioned in Question 1 to register and enroll yourself in the course.

The Induction Training/Orientation is a self - paced programme with a minimal of live sessions (if any). You can watch the recorded training modules at your convenience within the given time frame of the course. Since it is an online course, you will have to invest a minimum of one - two hours everyday to complete the requirements of that day.
The inaugural Session will be LIVE.

The course content would be uploaded each day by 9.00 am.

Participants will be given prior information about the live sessions (if any) through the official Telegram Group of the FIP.

The course can be readily accessed through mobile. However, it would be preferable that the participants use a laptop to attend the course for availing a fruitful hands-on experience. Some tools covered through the course might not be accessible on mobile; though for the same, alternatives would be suggested.

Considering the current pandemic situation, we may relax for a day or two. But kindly try to make submissions within deadlines.

There will be a discussion forum, where you can post your queries that would be taken by our resource persons or by some fellow Participants. Although we encourage Fellow Participants to help each other this will enhance each other's learning.

Assignment Submission and Progress Report

The assignments will be accepted through the course portal link ONLY. No other mode of submission will be accepted.

The deadline for the quizzes is two days i.e., if the quiz has been assigned on 20th, you have to submit it by 21st night 11 p.m.
Similarly, the deadline for the assignments is two days i.e., if the assignment has been posted on 20th, you have to submit it by 21st night 11 p.m. There may be some assignments for which the deadline would be specifically given. In such cases, the given deadline would be treated as final. The participants must ensure that they submit the assignments within the deadline. No late submissions would be entertained.

TThe course portal has a Progress tab. You will be able to see quiz scores so that you can keep a track of your submissions.

To submit the assignments, you need to strictly follow the instructions given in the assignment. No other mode of submission would be accepted. The assignments are submitted in the course portal itself by uploading a document created as per the following specifications:
The file has to be saved with the name (first four letters of the first name + last four digits of mobile number +@ ). For example, if the name is Sahil Pathak and mobile number is 9013778737 and the assignment number mentioned is 6, then the file name should be sahi8737@6.
Then, upload your document using the button provided (Upload your assignment) under the section Staff Graded Assignment.

The assignment once uploaded cannot be changed once you click the submit button. Kindly make any required changes in the file to be uploaded using “Upload another file” before you click on Submit. Please make sure you upload the right document with the right name

The submit button will be disabled once the assignment’s due date is over. We will not be accepting any assignments post deadline.

In such a case, kindly upload your video/screenshots/images/recordings (whichever applicable) in your Google Drive and copy its link in the word document to be uploaded.

The quiz has to be submitted using the submit button at the bottom

The submit button will be disabled once the due date of the quiz is over. We will not be accepting any quizzes post deadline. If the deadline is not yet over, then please make sure you have marked answers for all the questions; then only the submit button would be enabled.

Feedback and Certification

It is mandatory to fill in the feedback form for each session as per the guidelines of Ministry of Education. Kindly ensure you submit your feedback on a daily basis.
It would also give us an essential understanding of the way the programme and the contents are being perceived.

Ans. The committee has decided on the following criteria for issuing certificates to the participants:
  • The participants must submit all quizzes during the course of the programme within deadline.
  • The participants must submit all the assignments within the deadline provided.
  • The participants need to submit at least 90% assignments out of the total number.
  • Registration Fees Paid
  • The decision of the committee would be final in this regard.


    For any further information or doubts, please feel free to write at: