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Enrollment is Closed

About The Programme

The ongoing technological changes and the current pandemic has shifted the academic community to engage with students through online spaces, or what is referred as the "cyberspace." This shift has come with its own set of issues, risks and challenges. There is a steep rise in cyber-attacks and it has become pertinent to be aware of these vulnerabilities and the different ways to protect oneself from these.

This Online Faculty Development Programme aims to develop the foundational knowledge required for training the teachers to securely work in the cyberspace. The programme will focus on making the the participants aware about the plausible threats in the cyberspace the protective and preventive measures to prevent these risks and threats. The participants will be familiarized with the themes related to loss of data, security breaches through phishing, attacks, malwares and viruses. This will include orienting them about the techniques for password management, proper data management, need for data backup and the importance of using updated antivirus application. The participants will also be introduced to the different aspects of cyber laws, cybercrime and cyber ethics. The participants will hence be able to identify their system vulnerabilities and adopt the best practices to secure their system. The other major focus of this Faculty Development Programme is to acquaint the participants with the effects of using social media platforms and how these platforms can be a major source for falling prey to cyber threats as well as cybercrimes.

What You Will Learn

After successful completion of the online program, the participants will be able to:

• Understand the concept of cyberspace, cyber hygiene and cyber security

• Identify common threats and remove system vulnerabilities

• Adopt cyber hygiene as best practice

• Embrace cyber ethics as the code of conduct

• Utilize protective and prevention techniques against cyber crime

• Protect themselves and their family from the negative impact of using social media and other related platforms