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About This Course

Ideas, innovations, and creative expressions based on which the public is ready to confer the status of property have been classified as intellectual property rights (IPR). IPR give the inventors or developers of a property certain exclusive rights in order for them to profit commercially from their creative/research work or reputation. Although India has joined the global patent system, academic institutions still lack knowledge and experience on the subject of intellectual property rights (IPR). For any educational institution, to fulfil its objective distributing knowledge and establishing a research base, it needs to maintain secrecy in connection to such information in order to file for IP registration. For universities, maintaining a correct balance and fine tuning of academic brilliance with academic integrity, as well as the protection and utilisation of intellectual property rights, is becoming increasingly crucial. This not only helps in minimizing the extent of Intellectual Property, crimes which are increasing in the digital era, but is also encourages the development of creative ideas/research by securing them.

The present Faculty Development is a step in this direction to bridge the gap between innovation and IPR filings by acquainting the participants with the best practices towards protecting IP violation and enforce strong mechanisms for IPR filing.