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About The Programme

Pedagogy is fundamentally the approach used in teaching. It essentially refers to the theory and practice of learning. It inculcates the knowledge and skills required for effective teaching. In the present times, the teacher bears the responsibility of being a provider of resources and one who can ignite young minds. Pedagogy has to be altered constantly to adapt with the contemporary requirements. Effective teaching strategies need to be devised and implemented that take care of multiple learning styles to benefit the student fraternity. The minds of the students have to be shaped to capacitate them to develop a problem solving approach and to bring out innovations to address the societal issues. The teachers hence need to be well equipped with skills and knowledge required for guiding and monitoring their progress. Also technology has proved to be an immensely supportive tool in the hands of the teacher that can assist in enhanced teaching learning, increasing student participation and providing an engaging student experience. The teaching learning framework hence needs to be student centric. This Online Faculty Development Programme is diligently planned around developing the foundational knowledge needed to train the teachers to address the rapidly changing educational needs.

The programme is an effort towards empowering teachers with innovative, advanced pedagogy for their own professional development and student’s enhanced learning. During the course of the programme, the participants will be acquainted with teaching strategies that can promote independent, critical and creative thinking among the students. The participants will be familiarized with advanced pedagogical techniques namely Flipped classroom, Project based learning, Peer and Collaborative learning. These techniques will combine creativity and Design Thinking with special impetus on Innovation. The framework of Bloom’s taxonomy consisting of six major categories of knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation would be explored as an effective approach towards Outcome based Education. Curriculum design is equally important. The programme also emphasizes on implementation of outcome based education in curriculum development. The programme will further elaborate on different assessment methods and application of Bloom’s taxonomy framework to create quality question papers that would involve high order thinking skills (HOTS) and methods to assess students’ learning.

The programme would be incomplete without focusing on the use of technological tools that can transform the way content is delivered and also arouse the students’ interest. The effective mechanisms of counseling and mentoring will also be explored that can prove immensely fruitful in guiding students.

What You Will Learn

After successful completion of the online programme, the participants will be able to:

• Equip themselves with the usage of advanced pedagogical techniques in their classroom

• Gain better understanding of the Bloom’s taxonomy framework for enhancing critical thinking among students and to promote outcome based education

• Utilize important technological tools to enhance the teaching learning process

• Design and implement evaluation schemes that can properly assess the student’s learning

• Better guide and motivate students

• Effectively improve the teaching learning process to make it student centric