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About This Course

The present Faculty Development Programme on "Academic Research Writing" aims to train the participants with the different skills beneficial for research and the process of writing. Even though each discipline may have a range of writing conventions, vocabulary and discourse there are certain components of the process which are common to every subject area. The present Faculty Development Programme will contour these aspects to systematize and thereby facilitate streamlining of the entire writing process. The Programme plans to equip the participants with the major components involved in writing a dissertation or a research paper. There will be an in-depth discussion around the intricacies of making a research proposal, and participants will be exposed to the techniques of managing their data and referencing using different applications. The overall objective of this FDP is to blend the ICT applications in the process of writing to make the process seamless and enjoyable.


The Programme will facilitate the participants to:

* Build and nourish the ability to appropriately frame and structure a research argument

*Understand the nuances of writing different sections of an Academic document

*Probe into the multiple aspects of research ethics

*Understand the process of publishing and submitting an academic document