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Qualitative Data Analysis

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About This Course

Data analysis tools and methods are useful to unlayer the relationships among variables. One of the major approaches of probing into the nature of the variable is through a qualitative standpoint. Qualitative Research rests on subjective parameters of interaction, engagement, observation and textual analysis. Contrary to quantitative methods of research, the information here is based upon non - numeric data. It includes audio - visual recordings, field notes, transcriptions of interviews. To analyse the data in this form, the researchers need to be equipped with different research approaches and debates surrounding them for their proper application to any research project. Those methods are used to explain and predict the levels of variables in interest as well as to test hypotheses about their relationships. But analysing a large set of qualitative data entails reviewing and analysing a huge pile of transcripts/interviews, or examining textual details in order to identify the ‘gaps’ or the ‘missing link.’ The conventional ways of doing this does not include an exhaustive use of any technological application. But, given the imaginative advancements in technology, there is a transformation in the ways of doing research. This transformation becomes more unique in the time when data is being considered as the new oil, it has become imperative for researchers to identify meaningful information which can further the rational decision making process. With this framework, the course will be useful for improving qualitative skills of teaching faculty and research scholars in both sciences and social sciences.

About Certificate

Upon the successful completion of the programme, participants will be awarded blockchain based graded certificates. These certificates will be available for download within 15 working days of the completion of the programme.