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Gender Sensitisation in Academics

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About This Course

The first session will probe into the reasons for the under-representation of women at the top ranks in the higher education sector. Sifting through the different reasons, the necessity for having female faculty at the top ranks has been emphasized. A gender-inclusive educational environment and giving women equal opportunity to reach at higher positions in academia, will not only help in bringing diverse perspectives to the forefront, but can also influence the career aspirations of young women to attain leadership roles. The lecture discusses some of the important measures which can be taken to include more women in the top positions. The second session will talk about the issue of sexual harrassment at workplace. Sexual harassment of women at workplace is a form of gender-based discrimination, which violates the principles of equality of rights and dignity, and fundamental freedom as enshrined in the Constitution of India. It not only impedes the growth of women but also impacts their physiological and emotional well-being. The lecture discusses the importance of understanding workplace sexual harassment as structural violence which always happens in the matrix of power. It talks about the problematique of using the word “eve teasing” In lieu of sexual harassment. The lecture also discusses the genesis of the India's POSH Act 2013 and how this has shaped the discourse around workplace sexual harassment, with special reference to the higher education sector.